Why Trains Are A Great Way To Travel


According to the Huffington Post.com, train travel is a great idea. Here are some of the reasons why. “In the U.S., trains aren't cheap. But in general they're cheaper than flying, especially short distances. In addition, many railway services offer discounts that you'll never see airlines touting. On Amtrak, children under 2 years old ride free and kids ages 2 to 15 ride half price. Train prices are also generally pretty stable, so there's no need to track price trends as you would for airfare.”

“Air travel involves a lot of waiting in lines -- check-in lines, security lines, boarding lines. Those lines can drive any innocent traveler to the brink of his or her sanity. Train travel eliminates those lines. Most railway services do not involve check-in, and have self-service ticket kiosks or use e-tickets instead and trains rarely have TSA-style security. There may be a line to board, but it should go quickly. For the most part, you just arrive and walk on to your train.”

“There's something old-school and charming about riding trains. Between the food car, the conductors, and the world flying by outside your window, there's a nostalgic appeal to train travel.”

“With no take off, landing or seat-belt signs, you're not stuck in your seat for endless amounts of time. You can move about the train as frequently as you wish. Since someone else is doing the driving, you're free to eat, drink, nap and get up to stretch your legs whenever you like. You'll also never have to turn off your electronics or listen to a flight attendant give the safety spiel.”

With no traffic, there is also no frustration for you. In addition, “Generally, trains aren't picky about how much luggage you bring on, as long as you can handle it yourself (and some services, like Amtrak, have free red-cap service that will help you when needed).”

“Traveling by train can be incredibly scenic. You can see cities, mountains and rivers from the seat of a train. Train travel is just an all around better, more relaxing experience than its air and car counterparts. While those are mainly about getting from point A to point B, trains are about the ride.”

Momaboard.com adds ten reasons for trains to be considered a great way to travel:

1. Much less protocol and preparation required to travel by train than by plane.

2. Train stations hold much fascination for toddler children.

3. Kids are much less likely to get train-sick than they would on a plane, car or boat

4. Trains offer much by way of scenery that can keep the kids entertained

5. Kids don’t have to be restrained as often as they do on planes, which eliminates the battle that occurs every time that dreaded “Fasten Seat Belt” sign comes on

6. Bad weather affects trains less than it does cars, planes and boats reducing your risk of delays

7. Luxury compartments on trains can be very comfortable and cost you a fraction of a premium class seat on a plane

8. Trains use one fifth of the energy that planes and cars do

9. Although your travel time in the train may be longer than that on a plane, it usually equals out once you factor in long queues at airports and security.

10. You can often get discounted fares for youth, students and seniors adding a healthy cost benefit to your pro-train argument”


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